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Chemical Structural Anchoring Systems and Accessories
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Keligrout™ 101-P
Kelipoxy II™

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Used for: Bridge & Highway, Sewerage Treatment , Railroad, Tunnels / Dams, Marine, Airport, Industrial Plants & Equipment, Mechanical / Electrical, Commercial.

Over 40 DOTs, the Army Corps of Engineers, the FHWA, the Bureau of Reclamation and others accept, specify and many agencies buy our anchoring products for their own use. We have gained credibility by having stood up to the rigors of time in thousands of applications involving millions of anchors. Kelken installations have withstood hurricanes Hugo and Andrew, combatted Los Angeles' and New York's light transit system's traffic. We have taken the pounding wave actions of the Florida Keys, and the ice flows of Alaskan rivers. We have been used underwater on Coast Guard projects as well as on dams belonging to New England Utility and New York Power. We've been installed on Army Corps of Engineer locks in mid-winter in upstate New York. The U.S. Navy uses us to anchor the cable arrestors on concrete runways in Oahu, Hawaii and Norfolk, Virginia. The FHWA has verified crash tests of trucks at 51 mph into Jersey barriers are used for anchoring light poles, high mast lighting, 150 ft. high energy producing windmills, turbines, paper rolling equipment and automatic rack retrieval systems. Keligrout™ is FHWA approved for both temporary and permanent precast concrete barrier installations on structures.


Long Island Railroad Project: Sections of the
Long Island Railroad are having rail fixation
replaced with the help of ULTRABOND 1 High
Strength Epoxy distributed by KELKEN
Construction Systems. The rails are removed
and new core holes are drilled into the concrete
base. ULTRABOND 1 is used as the anchoring
gel to secure the rails. Click HERE to find out

Sayreville Waste Water Plant Project: KELKEN
Construction Systems, Sayreville NJ waste water
treatment plant retrofit. New rails to guide the
traveling bridge were anchored in place with
KELIGROUT from KELKEN. The old anchors had
rusted away in the caustic environment.


Kelken will work as a stocking and marketing arm for ATC with most of the popular products stocked in New Jersey. We’ll process your orders, train your employees and provide technical assistance. Kelken will act as the “front sales line” however ATC will not be far behind and will be easily available to all parties.

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Kelken PowerPush
PowerPush™ A breakthrough in dual and single component dispensing, Kelken’s PowerPush™ is the world’s first battery operated dispensing gun. For contractors who use two component adhesives and sealants, this patented tool features a powerful battery operated motor. The PowerPush can dispense and evenly mix even the most viscous two part epoxies in both hot and cold temperatures, easily surpassing traditional hand and air tools. With cordless convenience and portability, the PowerPush practically eliminates setup time at the jobsite. Variable dial controls for “dosing” and “speed” ensure expensive adhesives are not wasted. The anti-drip feature eliminates messy run-on by automatically reversing the pistons when the trigger is released.

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FEATURED KELKEN ANCHOR PRODUCTS: Anchoring Systems - Temporary and Permanent
Kelianchor is a available in sizes from 3/8" to 3" Plus, any length, diameter and style.
Bent Kelianchor™
Bent Kelianchors are bent or designed to match the angle of the drilled hole.
Removable Kelianchors™
Removable Kelianchors are single/double header Kelibolts.
Lefty™ Anchor - Left Hand Removable Anchor
Lefty Anchor is an unique stud anchor that is removable.



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